Watch house Slab

by Lewis Fisher

Ah the first sport trip of the year, how we’ve missed it! I’d love to say it was sport by choice, but thanks to a slight misplace in the club racks, this was the best backup. We decided on watch house for the best place to get climbing, since it was close and offered a range of grades.
At least three freshers slipped on the approach, but I think they’re taking that to the grave and won’t let me name and shame them. We started by getting those that had led before up to scratch with placing draws, and off they went, they grow up so fast. For the others, I ran through lead belaying, what lead climbing actually is, and how to anchor yourself at the top. All was well until Frazer had enough of my teaching and tried to take me out skidding down the hill, what a mad man.
Bethan, Frazer, and Abby lead for the first time, absolutely beasted it, whilst Rachel stripper her first route. So generally was a very useful trip, despite the severe lack of nuts (and hexes). Chris and Lukas worked their way up that nasty 6b+, ‘Jaded Locals’, Lukas even drew blood, but they powered through and both secured the send. Props to Will for sending that disgustingly thin slab ‘Tread gently’ not once but TWICE!
We all finished up the day top roping ‘Trad Man’, 6a+, a personal favourite of mine since it was the first sport route I ever cared about, so finally sending it felt pretty gooooood. With the sun setting we headed back to the cars, another great day out with the SUMC.
Peace out, Lewis xo