Four Falls Walk

by Daniel Green

Despite the typical lovely Welsh weather, ¬¬28 walkers/nutcases decided to venture to the Brecon Beacons, more specifically to the Four Falls walk. Once the cars had been sorted and some extra spaces were given up (thanks Stuart and Tom), the show got on the road. Arriving at the car park and putting on all the waterproofs that we had, the walk commenced.

Fall 1: Huge drop, the kayakers amongst us were interested in attempting to run it.
Fall 2: At another impressive fall but this time there was a group of cliff jumpers (not for me).
Fall 3: Again, another huge drop made more impressive by the raised water level.
Fall 4: The real attraction to the walk, walk behind it and ensure you’re in waterproofs since the spray is crazy.

Once the four falls had been seen, all that was needed was to get back to the cars. Different techniques to avoiding the pools of water on the paths emerged early on; the long jumper, the balancer, and the one who doesn’t give a damn. All walkers returned to the car park, slipped out of their waterproofs and jumped into the cars before heading back to Swansea.

Like all good day trips, the day finished with a trip to Pub on the Pond which ensured that a student’s alcoholic needs were met. Thanks to all the drivers which without who the trip would not have been possible and hopefully your cars aren’t too wet. Next walk is on 8th October which hopefully should grace us with some nicer weather. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Mountaineering Officer out.