Era's Social

by Mark Murray

Hey senders and swifties,
I’ve got the honour of being social sec this week?To celebrate Mark and Cat’s birthdays, it’s been requested that we have the social of your Wildest Dreams: a Taylor Swift Era’s social!!
The plan: forget about your Champagne Problems, choose one of Taylor Swift’s ten iconic eras, come dressed inspired by that. We’ll get up to some Fearless house party rambunction at some Mine before Shaking It Off at Sin City with some queue jump tickets - where I’m sure you’ll end up with some Pictures To Burn and Blank Spaces in your memory. So die hard swiftie or not, I expect to see you all there.
Dress Code: swiftie Style
Location: check our Facebook ;)
Time: 19:30
…Ready For It?
Lots of love,
(Nearly) Treasurer Trog x
NB: if you’ve never listened to Taylor Swift in your life (mark and cat will be slightly disappointed, but) you’ll still have a blast