Day trip to Fall Bay

by Lewis Fisher

A short and sweet one, not like the climbs I attempted today. We decided to give a middle finger to the weather forecast and set off for some optimistic trad (finally some trad) at fall bay. Vivian soon learnt the perils of the outdoors in her approach wearing only rock shoes (in her defence we didn’t tell her the approach was long and muddy), and after a sketchy walk along the edge we arrived at Lewes Castle East. A quick ab and climb on King Wall were cut short by an angry swell and fast tide, but that’s fine the upper walls are cooler anyway.
Andrew is the hero of this trip report, who took his first lead trad fall, and a ground fall at that, proving his gear placing abilities with a bomber offset that stopped him falling any further down the crag. Definitely got himself a nemesis there, I sense a summer project.
Huge shoutout to Will for leading his first E grade, casually skipping E1 and leading E2, sending Lazy Sunday Afternoon, topping out that scary roof on lead like a beast. Big thanks to Will also for bringing me to the dark side of trad and lending me a cam to practice with, I’ll be a crack climber before you know it.
Can’t wait for North Wales, because where’s it at? T R A D.
Lewis xo