Boiler Slab Day Trip

by Lewis Fisher

When we arrived Mr. Barter’s Trad School was in full swing, we watched as he reminded all the old hats how to set up and equalise an anchor. Keeping everyone else busy I gave a demo on how to remove and rack gear when seconding, something that Fraser could’ve used judging by how stuck he got his nut (you still owe Sub a pint for that don’t forget). Once all the teaching was finished we got stuck into some good ol’ trad! Fraser led the charge up ‘Classic’, and pulled off a huuuge block which crashed down the slab, getting the new guys super excited about the climbs ahead I’m sure. Me and Joe then took on ‘Dulfer’ and ‘Column’, apparently having a competition over who could place the worst gear and get the most to pop out, pretty sure I won that… my placements were awful. Max smashed out his first true lead climb on ‘Pinnacle Crack’ (proud of you Mr. Treasurer), whilst Sewell made us all look bad dancing up an E2.
Barter then got back to his teaching by setting up a bomber abseil over the slab (and almost losing a club sling in the process). The ab was met with mixed emotions, but hopefully now everyone is all set for Pembs this weekend! Overall it was a great day out, glad to see you all getting into the joys of trad, hope to see you all leading your own routes soon.