3 Cliffs

by Edward James

The weather was bleak but not dreadful. The aim of the day was to teach people how to trad climb, which turned out rather successfully. The main highlight of the day were the Welsh cakes, which I might have had more than my fair share :). A top rope was later strung down above the gap in the rock where me, Tim, Calum and Matthew took some big swings falling of the side of the cliff face. Good route, the start was large undercut reaching up to a hand swap. From there you had a solid left crimp and a right heel, moving with your right hand to find a hidden side pull then pulling up to the good holds. It goes much further but the lip of the rock looked too much of a challenge when you haven’t found your beater. Ps I may have fallen off after the hard move due to the fact I was holding on to rubbish instead of the jugs which where cleverly camouflaged in to the wall, Callum even had to remove/dislodge rocks to create nice holds.
On the return journey, the tide was coming in so we retreated to higher ground. Which may or may not have been the pub.