Sunday Roast Hike - Cefn Bryn - 25th February 2018

10 am at Fulton house. 7.25 miles with a pub towards the end to grab a Sunday roast dinner! Don't forget to bring a packed lunch, petrol money, water proofs and suitable shoes. Look forward to seeing you there.


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Cameron Law Thu 22nd February (1:24pm) None.
  • 2 Daniel Green Thu 22nd February (6:39pm) None.
  • 3 Jack Smith Car Driver Fri 23rd February (1:02pm) None. WHY DID I AGREE TO THIS!!! WILL BRING A Dog AND A HOUSE MATE!
  • 4 Hannah Ditchburn Fri 23rd February (8:08pm) None.
  • 5 Tom Cosford Fri 23rd February (10:32pm) None.
  • 6 Tom Barber Fri 23rd February (10:35pm) Dog!!!.
  • 7 Jonathan Abraham Fri 23rd February (10:39pm) None.