Sugar Loaf Hike - 6th May 2018

On Sunday we will be hiking up The Sugar Loaf in aid of Mountain Rescue. Mountain Rescue are always on call during our antics that we get up to, whether it be climbing, hiking or any other activity that we get up to in the great outdoors. The cost will be £10, with any money after petrol being donated to MR. The plan is to get to Fulton House at 9:30, drive to the Brecon Beacons and do one of the circular walks up there. It will be a full day out so don’t forget food, water and sensible clothing. Most importantly however, don’t forget to tell your friends since this is open to everyone, regardless of membership! Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Daniel Green Tue 1st May (11:51am) None.
  • 2 Alex Long Wed 2nd May (9:48am) None. Could I possibly get picked up from Bay?
  • 3 Victoria Thomas Wed 2nd May (11:42am) None.
  • 4 James Price Car Driver Tent Owner Thu 3rd May (9:07pm) None. 95% sure...and yep^^
  • 5 Emily Greenwood Car Driver Fri 4th May (10:48am) None.