Sports Climbing- Outdoor Trip - 9th March 2019

£5, meet at Fulton at 10am for sports climbing outdoors, a great way to prepare for the easter trip if you're coming along. Bring appropriate clothes and food, and please specify any gear you may need. As this is a Saturday trip there will be no bay pick up.


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Chris Evans Thu 7th March (4:03pm) None.
  • 2 Tom Cosford Car Driver Fri 8th March (1:51pm) None.
  • 3 Tom Barber Car Driver Fri 8th March (1:58pm) Motivation to wake up at 9am on a Saturday ;).
  • 4 Thomas Barter Fri 8th March (2:01pm) None.
  • 5 Matthew Culley Fri 8th March (2:11pm) None.
  • 6 Ellie Dixon Fri 8th March (2:15pm) gri-gri.
  • 7 Cameron Law Fri 8th March (3:44pm) None.
  • 8 Michael Palfrey Fri 8th March (8:31pm) None.
  • 9 Lewis Fisher-reeves Car Driver Fri 8th March (9:16pm) Helmet, Quickdraws???.
  • 10 Joe Nathan Fri 8th March (11:08pm) None.