Sport at Witches Point - 17th March 2018

Normal routine, leaving at 9am from Fulton. Practice sport ahead of Spain. Heading to Witches Point as tides are looking good this weekend. Bring for, water etc and fuel money


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 James Gill Car Driver Mon 13th March (12:57pm) None.
  • 2 Abbey Tildesley Car Driver Mon 13th March (6:53pm) None.
  • 3 Edward James Car Driver Thu 16th March (11:26am) None.
  • 4 Dennis Hellawell Tue 13th March (12:05pm) None.
  • 5 Alex Long Tue 13th March (12:08pm) Helmet. Pick up from Bay would be great
  • 6 Thomas Barter Tue 13th March (12:24pm) Single rope. Pick up from Bay please
  • 7 Cameron Law Tue 13th March (1:05pm) Helmet, Single rope. I'll need picked up from Bay pretty please
  • 8 Jack Williams Wed 14th March (2:02am) None.
  • 9 Joe Nathan Wed 14th March (10:53am) Helmet.
  • 10 Emily Greenwood Wed 14th March (11:04am) None.
  • 11 Stuart Mcdowell Thu 15th March (9:46am) None.
  • 12 Laurence Daniel Thu 15th March (2:55pm) Harness, Helmet.
  • 13 Daniel Green Thu 15th March (4:35pm) None.
  • 14 Gemma Swan Fri 16th March (10:21pm) Single rope, quickdraws.