Pre BUCS Climbing comp for all - 2nd November 2016

Want to compete in bouldering against other climbers then come along. This has come to light as BUCS preliminary has cancelled but the comp is still on. £5 entry plus petrol money, back for hopefully 6pm. leave Wednesday morning.


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Ella Hjarne Thu 20th October (11:08pm) None.
  • 2 Michael Palfrey Fri 21st October (3:46pm) None. I like that boulder. That is a niiiice boulder
  • 3 Laura Sharpe Car Driver Fri 21st October (8:48pm) None. Happy to drive the minibus or take my car
  • 4 Edward James Car Driver Sun 30th October (9:33am) None.
  • 5 Calum Mcclune Sun 30th October (3:31pm) None.
  • 6 Kamil Klosowski Sun 30th October (4:48pm) None.
  • 7 Charlie Smith Mon 31st October (12:34am) None.
  • 8 Carlos De_lima Mon 31st October (3:30pm) None.