North Wales trip - 9th March 2018

Weekend trip (provisional date), more details to follow. £40 cost.


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Tom Barber Mon 29th January (4:52pm) None. Labs til 1
  • 2 Bethan Mccarroll Car Driver Mon 29th January (4:57pm) None. Anytime, anywhere
  • 3 Jack Smith Car Driver Mon 29th January (5:34pm) None. 3:30pm ish - can be flexible
  • 4 Minette Matthews Car Driver Wed 31st January (10:48am) Helmet, Trad rack, Double ropes. After 4
  • 5 Edward James Car Driver Wed 31st January (1:52pm) None. Finish at 1pm but will like to carry on with work, aiming for 5/6pm leave.
  • 6 Cameron Law Thu 1st February (10:51am) Helmet, Nut key. Can leave anytime from Bay (Unless you're feeling generous and want to pick me up at my house)
  • 7 Brodie Scott Fri 2nd February (3:49pm) None. can leave at 4
  • 8 Dennis Hellawell Fri 2nd February (8:13pm) None. 4:30
  • 9 Jack Williams Sat 3rd February (12:39pm) Trad rack, Double ropes.
  • 10 Tom Cosford Car Driver Mon 5th February (11:26am) None.
  • 11 Will Thompson Car Driver Tue 6th February (11:28am) None.
  • 12 Stuart Mcdowell Wed 7th February (1:51pm) None.
  • 13 Hugo Bromley Wed 7th February (7:08pm) Double ropes. Free from 1ish
  • 14 Thomas Barter Wed 7th February (8:59pm) Trad rack, Single rope, Double ropes. Leaving at 4:30 with Will
  • 15 Emily Greenwood Mon 12th February (10:49pm) Helmet, Nut key.
  • 16 James Price Car Driver Mon 19th February (1:05pm) Double ropes. 2pm ish from Brynmill (flexible)
  • 17 Chris Evans Wed 21st February (12:00pm) Nut key. Ideally want to leave at 3:30-4 from brynmill
  • 18 Jonathan Abraham Wed 21st February (5:43pm) Helmet. 3pm onwards from town
  • 19 Abbey Tildesley Car Driver Sun 4th March (10:23am) None.