Hiking-near Dan yr Ogof - 29th October 2016

Heading out either to the waterfalls or the ww2 plane wreckage. Waterproofs Walking boots (spare socks might be an idea) Warm clothes (no jeans please!) and extra layers for your bag Hat and gloves- it is going to be cold on the hills tomorrow and you lose heat from your head and hands very quickly. I have a spare pair of gloves if needed. A flask if you have one Food and sufficient drink for the day A spare set of clothes to leave in the car (just in case you never know!) The hike will be strenuous ;)


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Peter Wathall Tue 25th October (12:38pm) None. I need a lift there
  • 2 Ellie Pullen Car Driver Tue 25th October (8:52pm) None. Space for 3 people :)
  • 3 Margarita Smolentseva Tue 25th October (9:10pm) None. Need lift
  • 4 Ahmed Ismael Wed 26th October (5:00pm) None. Lift needed
  • 5 Maria Mazgaltzidou Wed 26th October (9:18pm) No gear. Need a lift