Fall bay Day Trip - 7th March 2020

Day trip to Fall Bay for some Trad climbing. Leaving from Fulton at 9am. As usual please bring £5 for petrol contribution, also food, water and warm clothes. Please also put if you're a driver. Hope to see you there!!


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Rachel Fyfe Fri 6th March (1:45pm) None.
  • 2 Abby Decker Fri 6th March (1:47pm) Helmet.
  • 3 Andrew Robertson Fri 6th March (1:52pm) Helmet, Nut key, Trad rack, Single rope.
  • 4 Vivian Martin Fri 6th March (2:01pm) Belay device, Harness, Helmet.
  • 5 Thomas Barter Fri 6th March (2:16pm) None.
  • 6 Chris Evans Fri 6th March (3:14pm) None.
  • 7 Will Thompson Car Driver Fri 6th March (4:16pm) None.
  • 8 Lewis Fisher-reeves Car Driver Fri 6th March (4:56pm) None. traddio