Easter trip - 20th April 2017

Majorca yea that's right, no expense spared. Climbing on the Spanish island, staying at Manacor. Bring your trunks as deep water soloing will be featured. Get hyped Wooooooooooo. Please only state that your a driver if you are over 21 and have a driving licence.


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Edward James Car Driver Thu 10th November (9:49pm) None. HYPE
  • 2 Calum Mcclune Mon 14th November (4:29pm) None.
  • 3 Tom Cosford Mon 14th November (4:45pm) None. Maga here we come
  • 4 Jack Smith Mon 14th November (4:48pm) None.
  • 5 Ella Hjarne Mon 14th November (4:49pm) None.
  • 6 Gemma Swan Mon 14th November (4:54pm) Helmet, Nut key.
  • 7 Alex Cutts Mon 14th November (6:35pm) None. This is gunna be sick
  • 8 William Mccoll Car Driver Mon 14th November (8:57pm) One of those inflatable shark things. F*CK YEEAAAA Also I'm 21 so can drive yeehaw
  • 9 Michael Palfrey Mon 14th November (10:28pm) None. I like trains
  • 10 Phil Reynolds Car Driver Tent Owner Tue 15th November (11:48am) None. mmmm.... tasty spreadsheets
  • 11 Jack Hamston-goodfellow Thu 24th November (1:08pm) None. The water.... in Majorca... don't taste like... what it ought ta :D (will never get old, honest)
  • 12 Hannah Frame Thu 24th November (1:10pm) None.
  • 13 Stuart Mcdowell Car Driver Thu 24th November (6:29pm) None. 21 so can drive wooooo!
  • 14 Johanne Defay Car Driver Sat 3rd December (9:13am) None. 21 and used to the right side of the road!
  • 15 Brodie Scott Mon 5th December (4:40pm) Helmet, Rubber ring and inflatable boat. Heeell yeah
  • 16 James Price Mon 5th December (6:14pm) Trad rack.
  • 17 Daniel Green Tue 6th December (11:16pm) Helmet, Nut key.
  • 18 James Gill Fri 9th December (1:48pm) None.
  • 19 Tim Solway Mon 12th December (5:38pm) None. HYPE
  • 20 Tom Barber Mon 12th December (10:06pm) None.
  • 21 Kaide Macaulay Tue 13th December (9:45am) Belay device, Harness, Helmet, Nut key.
  • 22 Hazel Gisborne Thu 15th December (12:02pm) Belay device, Helmet, Nut key.
  • 23 Emma Broad Thu 15th December (8:40pm) None.