Dynamic Rock - 18th November 2019

Indoor wall climbing. No equipment is required! Please write in the comments whether you need to be picked up by the Wales national pool (leaving 18:00) or the main bus stop on fabian way, opposite bay campus (be there for 18:10). Please make sure you're on time as the bus leaves promptly. The cost is £10 or £8 (cash) if you've already been. See you there!!


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Rachel Fyfe Sun 17th November (4:00pm) Single rope.
  • 2 Zoe Desurville Sun 17th November (4:54pm) None.
  • 3 Nick Hill Sun 17th November (7:35pm) Belay device, Harness. Pool
  • 4 Max Forgham Mon 18th November (10:35am) None. Please bring change for the bus
  • 5 Chloe Rogers Mon 18th November (10:36am) None. Bay
  • 6 Chris Evans Mon 18th November (10:54am) None. Pool
  • 7 Daniel Evans Mon 18th November (12:28pm) Harness. pool
  • 8 Adam Colcombe Mon 18th November (12:29pm) Single rope. Pool
  • 9 Elliot Cortade Mon 18th November (12:43pm) None.
  • 10 Andrew Robertson Mon 18th November (1:36pm) Belay device, Harness. Pool
  • 11 Sam Stembridge-king Mon 18th November (2:50pm) None.
  • 12 Bethan Gittos Mon 18th November (3:28pm) None.