Day Trip - 10th December 2016


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Tom Cosford Fri 2nd December (4:49am) Single rope, Double ropes.
  • 2 Johanne Defay Wed 7th December (5:28pm) Helmet.
  • 3 Hamish Lawson Thu 8th December (11:12am) Helmet, Single rope, Double ropes.
  • 4 Kamil Klosowski Fri 9th December (1:53pm) Helmet, Trad rack, Double ropes.
  • 5 Edward James Car Driver Fri 9th December (3:30pm) Single rope. I would be up for boulders tomorrow and doing a bit of lead
  • 6 Gemma Swan Fri 9th December (11:26pm) None. Boulders?!