BUCS Bouldering Comp (Sheffield) - 18th February 2017

Teams decided by Stuart if he already knows you want to compete you don't need to put your name down or you can, this is just added publicity in case we missed anyone who wants to compete. Seeing as the qualifying rounds of the BUCS Bouldering competition were cancelled last year, as they didn’t receive enough entries, we’ve been given a straight pass into the finals! BUCS gives you guys the chance to compete for the university in a fun, light-hearted setting up in Sheffield, where you’ll be able to meet up with other climbers from across the country and show them how strong Swansea climbers are! The DEADLINE for me to give in dates for this is the 25th January, so if you’re interested in competing then please let place your name here. Just make sure it’s BEFORE the 25th as I’ll most likely need to make a short list before I decide on the final team. Just like we did for BUCS Lead Comp we’ll hire a minibus to take competitors up to Sheffield on the Friday night and spend the night up there as the comp starts Saturday morning, then head back down on the Saturday evening. There will be a small charge to help cover costs for transport, but accommodation and entries should be covered by the uni.


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Edward James Car Driver Thu 19th January (4:30pm) None.
  • 2 Phil Reynolds Car Driver Mon 23rd January (8:22pm) None.
  • 3 Calum Mcclune Wed 25th January (3:11pm) None.
  • 4 Jack Hamston-goodfellow Car Driver Thu 9th February (11:55am) None. Lets home it rains on this day >:D