Blue Lagoon - 1st April 2017

Practice for the Majorca trip, Cliff jumping with a little deep water soloing and swimming. People on the trip will have priority. Bring wet suits as it will be cold. The meet is half 8 Fulton house, leave at 9 there for 11. Kit up faff and ready by 12. Two hours jumping. Changed by half 2. Home by 5. Make sure if you need a wet suit you post down below :) people will need wet shoes/ shitty trainers as bare foot will not work. Climbing shoes are an optional extra for a bit of dws £5 Wet-suit


  • # Name Sign Up Date Gear Needed Comments
  • 1 Edward James Car Driver Thu 23rd March (6:29pm) Wetsuit.
  • 2 Calum Mcclune Thu 23rd March (6:29pm) Wetsuit.
  • 3 William Mccoll Thu 23rd March (6:31pm) None.
  • 4 Phil Reynolds Car Driver Tent Owner Sat 25th March (4:39pm) Nut key.
  • 5 James Price Sun 26th March (2:15pm) Wetsuit.
  • 6 Tom Barber Sun 26th March (10:57pm) None.
  • 7 Jack Smith Car Driver Mon 27th March (12:31pm) None.
  • 8 Kaide Macaulay Car Driver Mon 27th March (12:46pm) Wetsuit.
  • 9 Michael Palfrey Car Driver Mon 27th March (12:49pm) None.
  • 10 Bertrand Rome Mon 27th March (1:03pm) None.
  • 11 Johanne Defay Mon 27th March (2:19pm) Wet suit.
  • 12 Gemma Swan Mon 27th March (9:52pm) wetsuit?!.
  • 13 Alex Cutts Tue 28th March (11:20am) Wetsuit.
  • 14 Daniel Green Tue 28th March (1:37pm) None.
  • 15 Matthew Brunskill Fri 31st March (9:29am) None.
  • 16 Sam Ashford Fri 31st March (2:41pm) None.
  • 17 Tim Solway Fri 31st March (7:15pm) None.
  • 18 Brodie Scott Tent Owner Fri 31st March (7:58pm) roll mat.