Treherbert Quarry

by Hugo Bromley

It was the normal Saturday morning set. We met in Fulton House at 10, confirmed the rendezvous by the crag, and set off. Clearly Henry had decided the usual routine was a little too bland and continued to spice things up by driving along the knifes edge with bugger-all fuel. Sadly, we didn’t break down so only moderate mickey-taking is allowed.
Upon reconvening somewhere in Brecon, we began the short climb to Treherbert Quarry – a relaxing hike up gentle terrain with fab views for those not huffing and puffing and wondering how they became so damn unfit (or perhaps that was just me).
Then, after a short wait-cum-recovery from the walk-in, Jack (Sewell) kicked off the climbing cautiously running up a soggy 5C. This was repeated by myself, Emily, Min, James and Pedro, marking Pedro’s first ever outdoor climb.
After a good 20 minutes at the crag Henry and Nele, shortly followed by James and Beth, decided to join us from their more scenic walk-in. H&N then proceeded to climb an interesting number which included climbing through a cave, untying, playing with ropes for a short while, and then retying (don’t try this at home, kiddos).
Undeterred by the dogged, wet and generally grim ‘British fun’ style climbing, everyone managed to get some climbs in, including Lydia’s outdoor-rock-debut. Notably, there were several top-rope ascents of a steep, heavily pocketed 6B and a persistent 7a with an interesting final move; a high rock-over to a flat crimp which was wetter than an otter in a washing machine. 
I wish I could list of the rest of the climbs and their climbers, yet I was distracted by a comfy rock, bowl of food and a fab view so this information will be lost forever.