Snowy peaks

by Abbey Tildesley and Edward James

Peaks trip report
After a long 5 hours plus of driving most of the club had arrived safe and sound to be greeted by a freezing cold
scout hut somewhere on the outskirts of Sheffield. The heaters were turned on almost immediately and Jack Smith
rounded up a few members to get a warm meal cooking; in an attempt to keep the freshers keen on the idea that we
would be sleeping on the hard-wooden floor for 2 nights (we did say it wasn’t going to be anything like Pembroke).
Snow had started to fall, but people weren’t sure if this was a good or bad thing; excited for snow but worried for
the long cold nights ahead. Food was ready and everyone queued up eager for their hot meal, everyone seemed to
feel much better after sitting down and eating the delicious chilli prepared and cooked by Jack Smith and his trusty
helpers. As Ed stood up for his scheduled speech, he prepared everyone for the events ahead; He told the club that
we would be heading to Stanage the next day for some world-famous trad routes. As everyone polished of their food
and had a few drinks to help numb out the cold people slowly went to bed and prepared themselves for the next
Day 1
The next morning the usual chaos of getting everyone up and out of bed commenced, most staggered to the kitchen
to make a morning cup of coffee whilst others grumbled in bed at their achy muscles from lying on the hard floor all
night. Eventually everyone was up and ready for the day ahead, as people piled into cars all wrapped up warm we
drove towards Stanage. The roads were a bit icy and some back wheels of cars began to skid on the hills, but nothing
prepared us for what we were about to see next…..
SNOW! And lots of it! Peoples face lit up with excitement and the thought of snow angels and snowmen began to
form. We all fell out the cars and ran around in the snow taking plenty of Instagram pictures for the fans, everyone
got suited up and we began to hike up towards the crag, with the snow falling heavier and heavier people began to
wonder if climbing was a good idea. But not to worry we are SUMC and we are hard as nails! Jack Sewell decided on
a VDiff called Holly bush crack which was seconded by Dennis, the climb seemed to be relatively smooth going. Jack
Williams then came along and also did Holly bush crack with Emily following behind him. whilst the two of the 3
Jacks were climbing happily, the weather soon closed in on Calum & Abbey whilst they were leading a VDiff & VS. As
they successfully got to the top and anchored up they began to realise how bloody cold it was, the snow was being
pummelled in their faces whilst trying to belay up their seconders. With Emma encouraging Joella they finally
reached the top cold and wet from the snow that had been attacking. Further along Stanage even more antics were
taking place; Jack Smith had decided to try a climb called the Eliminator (HVS 5b), well he sort of dogged up the
climb. Jack Sewell then came along and also didn’t have much luck ascending it cleanly. Tom Cosford and el
president decided on a charming HS climb called castell crack whilst James Gill lead Black hawk (HS) and Dan leading
a VDiff. We know they all had one thing in common…. Frozen hands and feet, Dan even said that his “hands were so
frozen they felt more like ice picks than fingers”.
As people started to make their decent from the top of the crag they decided that this was not the best climbing
conditions and that shopping in Hathersage looking at nice shiny new gear was much more appealing. A few brave
hikers set out to do a walk along the ridge of Stanage lead by Julian instead of being lured by the warm shops. With
Bertrand keen to redeem himself (after he failed a climb that Abbey did, YES!) he rounded up a group of keen
boulders to try out Green Traverse (7A boulder problem in plantation). Ed, Matt France, Jack Williams, Henry, Nele,
Muthappa & Jack Sewell joined Bertrand on this mini adventure, although they were keen to boulder the weather
gave them doubts, never the less they were determined to climb; with multiple accents of the boulder the headed
back to Hathersage. As everyone began to become tired of trying on countless climbing shoes and dribbling over al
the new shiny gear the shop had to offer they headed upstairs to a café for some coffee and cake before the rest of
the gang joined them.
When getting back to the hut we were greeted by Beth, Emily, Kirsten & Joella who had been previously dropped off
by tom during the day as they were close to becoming an ice cube. This is when the carnage begun…………Ball pit
balls were being flung around the room with the aim of hitting them with a frying pan as the others would try to
catch them this game preceded to carry on for a few hours as people were slaving away in the kitchen cooking. As
food was served the ball throwing came to a stop and everyone sat down for a nice hot meal. Like every other club

trip we all had a few drinks to once again bare the sleep on the hard wooden floor, the night drew to an end as
everyone slumped into their sleeping bags.
Day 2
After the carnage that was last night we decided to have a lie in. After a morning group cleaning followed by utter
confusion and sore heads we all headed our separate ways, with the majority headed inside to climb as the weather
did not look promising. Al the indoor climber decided to head into Sheffield to climb in the works, A brilliant place to
boulder. With All the girls climbing hard and a few of the boys trying silly moves, Jack Smith and Cosford decided it
was too much fun for them and had a nap on the sofas. Whereas the non-lazy people decided on a hike starting in a
place called upper booth, heading off in the wrong direction the day started well. We soon found the right path with
the runners, Bertrand and Barber going on a head. The weather from the day feel like it would go from one extreme
to another, moments of sunshine followed by fast cold rain. As we made our way to the top, facing the horrendous
bitter cold rain admitting I didn’t quite know where we were, we reached the summit. With snow in places almost a
foot deep we were finally met with the sun; with everyone’s mood elevated we carried on with the treacherous
down climb where a few of us slipped. Meeting with the two crazy runners that were Bertrand and Barber, we were
informed of the disapproved looks barber was getting in his limited clothing choice from the mountain rescue. News
from Henry who had lead a keen
group of climbers to try and climb in
today’s weather had finally arrived;
they managed to get a few good
climbs in along with Max, Nele and
Dennis. As all 3 different groups of
climbers warmed up and got some
good food in their belly’s we decided
to head back to Swansea. With the
drivers wide awake and buzzing off
coffee and sweets for the journey
ahead and their passengers all asleep
we once again knew we had a fab
time in the Peaks.
See you soon Peak District!